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Look out for the exciting new Rewards Schemes offered by our ever growing number of partners, there’s now even more opportunity to develop your knowledge and expertise of our wonderful industry,  as we continue to add more courses week by week.

Keep checking back on your ‘my travel Uni’ profile page for prompts on new courses and check out the sections below for the latest additions. Now that you are busier with booking activity remember to ‘take time to find time’ when travelling, having a coffee or whenever the chance occurs to keep training.

Now that bookings are picking up so are the opportunities to Train and Gain™ with Rewards and Incentives from our Partners and just as importantly to continue to enhance your career development by progressing to certificated Graduate and Master with Travel Uni. Recognised throughout the world as your ‘Seal of Approval’ for the travel business  #travelunitrainandgain
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Also look out for the new Rewards Schemes, Competitions, Incentives and Prizes offered by our partners being updated every month to support your hard work selling their destinations and products.

And now things are picking up, we’ll also keep you up to date with events, fams and roadshows in the future. If you haven’t already, signup now with TRAVEL UNI so you can be sure to ‘Train and Gain’.

Now let’s get training - make your selection from the following categories:


Here you will find all ABTA’s online training tools. Their online training tools are free to ABTA Members and their staff.


THE ANTOR UNI is a collection of some of the world’s best destinations and members of Antor training courses and webinars


The Nordic Baltic Uni is a collection of the best Nordic and Baltic destinations and travel brands.


Your clients expect you to know the World. Complete our comprehensive range of courses and you will


Discover the key selling points and locations of some of the world’s major city & resort hotel brands.

Tour Operators

Short haul? Longhaul? Touring? Adventure? Get to know which tour operators will be the right choice for your clients.

Theme Parks & Attractions

Today, many holidays are all about the experiences: from an adrenaline rush to an interactive game.

Ocean Cruise

A huge market sector with many vessels and itineraries to suit most tastes and budgets. Become an expert today!


Travelling by rail can be a great way to discover a country but it's not always easy to arrange. Discover a specialist.

Travel Uni News

We are now your source for the latest global news on business travel, airlines, hotels, training and so much more.


You can help your clients’ journey start and end well by recommending the best airline for them.

River Cruise

This is a growing market sector with products available in Europe, Asia and South America.

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