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Travel Uni is the leading industry portal that gives travel professionals access to all of their training and support resources in one place. FREE to use. Users can register and complete courses online, as well as stay up to date with news, competitions and product knowledge from leading travel industry partners.
Established in 2002 at a time when the travel industry was starting to really embrace the opportunities that online channels were able to offer them.

eLearning was recognised as a fresh opportunity for travel principals to reach a wide and relevant audience of travel industry professionals, in a cost-effective way. It also allowed travel professionals to engage with suppliers and develop their product knowledge in a way that was much more convenient and flexible than ever before.

Now available on any device it is the leading convenient way to engage with all things Travel.

Equator Learning manufacture, maintain and host innovative online training & engagement portals. To date, Equator Learning runs and manages over 150 sites in 12 languages and 70+ markets.

Every member of the Travel Uni & Equator Learning team has a background in the travel industry. Not only do they live and breathe travel but they are passionate about the power of learning and engagement too.

Equator’s impressive portfolio of iconic clients are reaping the benefits as some 350,000 travel trade professionals across the world engage with and participate in their online training programmes.

Did you know?
Equator Learning is the eLearning power behind Selling Travel, Travel Uni, New York, Las Vegas, Sandals, Jumeirah, Bourne Leisure, Thailand, the CTO, ABTA, TIPTO, SAGA and many other iconic travel industry brands.

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