Updated levels

At Travel Uni we like to recognise the hard work that you put in to complete our courses and thereby develop your career.

For every course that you complete successfully you will be awarded points. The more points you earn the more you progress through Travel Uni. You start as a Member and rise up through Graduation to become a Travel Uni Master. There are five levels in total and they are:

As a registered member of Travel Uni you can stay up to date with how many points you have earned by visiting your profile on this site. It will also tell you how many points are needed to reach your next level and there is also a chart showing how many points each course is worth.

And as you complete each level there will be a badge and a certificate which you can download and display to show that you are a go-to travel professional.

How quickly can you move through the levels? Explore all available courses now.

Covid-19 Update: In response to these challenging times we have increased the number of points you can earn per course. Login or register now to check your status.
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