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Travel Uni has partnered with Travilearn*, the pioneering e-learning platform for business travel training, bringing you a series of business travel modules leading to the industry-recognised BTA Business Travel Professional Diploma.
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Business Travel Diploma courses

Business Travel Professional: Level 1

A wider range of skills and experience are required for this dynamic industry and this introductory course is an essential foundation, for those wanting to build a career in business travel and corporate travel management.
Business Travel Professional Certification: Level 1

Business Travel Professional: Level 2

Over 5 modules, you will explore and learn: the principles of competitive travel management, how TMCs increase their productivity, how they deliver world-class customer service and how they effectively manage industry partnerships. Improve your skills in strategic planning, corporate travel management and customer relationships.
Business Travel Professional Certification: Level 2


Business Travel Professional: Level 3

In Level 3 you will escalate your knowledge of the business travel sector with a deeper understanding of the market dynamics, the global economy, business management and leadership. As future leaders of this industry your insights and ideas will help to shape it's path and this course is designed to inspire your imagination and encourage you to explore new ideas and ways to exist in a turbulent, but exciting phase in the business travel sector.
Business Travel Professional Certification: Level 3

Travilearn's global training is supported and certified by The Business Travel Association (BTA), the only representative body for Travel Management Companies and the business travel community, with their needs and expectations at the heart of everything they do.

They have been the voice of business travel for over 50 years, now representing over 80% of UK managed business travel and actively lobbying in Europe on issues that matter to travel management companies and their business travellers.
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