Temperature checks are being progressively implemented on every Air France flight.  These are carried out with contactless infrared thermometers.

All customers with a body temperature below 38°C will be allowed to travel unless showing other medical symptoms.  Passengers whose temperature is higher than this may be denied embarkation and their reservation will be changed at no extra charge on a flight at a later date. As with every airline the final boarding decision is up to the captain. 

The wearing of masks has also been made compulsory on all flights in application of the French directive on the wearing of masks on public transport.

If you are booked on Air France you should have been notified of these new measures via all communication channels (e-mail, sms, websites).

These measures are in addition to those implemented by Air France and its partners in response to the Covid-19 health crisis, which includes the compulsory wearing of masks for crew members and agents in contact with customers.

Air France says that airport customer channels are applying physical distancing measures and the installation, where possible, of Plexiglas protection screens.