Sky Harbour UK Ltd, a specialist aviation consultancy, supporting owner operators and business aircraft with both aircraft acquisitions and aircraft management, has lodged its formal objection to two planning applications with Warwick District Council and Coventry City Council.

Following Coventry City Council's decision in February to enter into a Joint Venture with Coventry Airport Ltd, planning applications have been submitted that would, if passed, result in the closure of Coventry Airport.

This is clearly at odds with the Ministerial Statement by the Rt Hon Robert Courts MP made on the 27 April. As a result, Sky Harbour UK Ltd has submitted a formal objection report to the applications.

Steve Ford, CEO, Sky Harbour UK Ltd, said: “Speculative property development, often with no defined end user is not limited to Coventry Airport but is evident across the entire country.

"With 8m sq ft of development land being offered as being available at Coventry Airport, Exeter Airport, Norwich Airport and Bournemouth Airport, the Rt Hon Robert Courts MP is right to be concerned, as should the country.

"As an Island nation reliant on trade and commerce, we would not dream of filling in all of the harbours. Airports are an integral infrastructure that are worthy of our protection as more electrical propulsion and air mobility solutions emerge over the next decade.”