Airlines UK and AOA (Airport Operators Association), the two leading trade organisations dealing with air travel, have today published a letter to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps ahead of the Government’s Global Travel Taskforce’s final checkpoint review.

It highlights that UK traffic levels (around 50% of 2019 levels) are significantly behind competing European levels including France (which is seeing around 70% of 2019 traffic), Italy (70%), Spain (70%), Greece (95%) and Germany (60%). The figures are based on actual flight movements as recorded by EUROCONTROL.

In short, it says that we need a simplified system with a more balanced approach to risk; as has been taken with the domestic economy.

This means:

Whilst the letter does not say so it implies an industry in crisis.  

In the letter the two Chief Executive Officers, Tim Alderslade (Airlines UK), and Karen Deane (AOA) offer to meet Mr Shapps “to discuss this in more detail”.

Please see the respective web sites for the full letter and checkpoint review.

Also in this issue European air travel figures for August.