With German Chancellor Angela Merkel visiting the United States officially for the last time before she steps down some progress seems to have been made regarding the ongoing transatlantic travel ban.

President Joe Biden struck a courteously optimistic note.  He said he would make a decision “in a matter of days” on when US-Europe non-essential travel can restart.

"It's in process now. I'm waiting to hear from our folks in our Covid team as to when that should be done," Biden said.

Although Europe has eased travel restrictions for inbound American travellers, the US has kept strict arrival travel restrictions in place that were imposed under former President Donald Trump.

"We welcome the President's remarks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that more information on the timing for lifting international travel bans could come within the next several days," said US Travel Association Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, Tori Emerson Barnes.  "The science says we can safely reopen international travel now, particularly for countries that have made considerable progress toward vaccinating their citizens."

Merkel’s talks were specifically regarding EU passenger flights but any relaxation of restrictions will likely include the UK.