The fast non-stop service from Paddington has confirmed future Covid arrangements.  It stays with the London standard.

“To help keep our passengers and colleagues safe, and to rebuild passenger confidence in travel, face coverings will continue to be mandatory on our service after Monday 19 July. As a London rail operator serving Heathrow Airport, our approach is aligned with both Heathrow and Transport for London (TfL), who are also continuing to require face coverings. If you plan to travel on our service, please ensure you are wearing a face covering before you board and throughout your journey.”

Often called ‘HX’ trains now run every 15min from Paddington taking 15min to the central area and 21min to Terminal 5.  Whilst it is very convenient for the now open T3 about 10min should be allowed for walking to T2. Trains start at 05:00 and stop around midnight.  

Alternative train services are provided by the Underground (36min from Piccadilly) and a stopping TfL service from Paddington which takes 30min.