Following the strategy of Tesla, Genesis – the high-end arm of Hyundai and Kia – has arrived in the UK, but without any showrooms.

  Instead Genesis is offering a ‘butler-style’ service where demonstration models are brought to you.

The SMMT event at Millbrook was the obvious place to show the motoring press.

The Korean-firm will conduct as much of its business online as possible, then arrange test-drives direct from customers’ front doors – even vowing to squeeze them into lunch breaks.

A rival to the luxury brands, Genesis says it will use ‘personal assistants’ to sell the three models initially available in the UK.

A double visit to the splendid hill course, and several laps of the high-speed bowl was BTN’s introduction the GV 80 3ltr diesel. Nothing sensational but a steady performer with a quiet and torquey power unit. £69,685 on the road. No time to look at the 'toys' on board.

Genesis was unlucky having shown the car at the previous weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed with the PR team catching Covid.  Kia helped out.  Well done.

Also see No Jaguar at SMMT test day in this week's BTN.