Hungarian airline Wizz Air is expanding into the charter market.

Due to the intense flight programmes most airlines do not as a rule operate in the charter area leaving it to specialists such as Titan Airways.

During these unprecedented times, with a need to keep aircraft flying, initiatives, such as the cargo use of passenger planes, are being introduced.

Wizz Air is now offering a charter service providing flexibility for organisations looking to carry groups of up to 239 passengers, the client being able to choose the service, route and schedule that best suits their needs. Whether its transporting employees for business meetings, flying sports teams between tournaments or returning stranded tourists back to their home country, it provides a convenient and customisable solution for any large group.
Classed as a charter since March, Wizz has operated over 50 repatriation flights, returning over 3,600 passengers home.  

The Wizz Air fleet offers from 180 to 239 seats, but the airline points out that even a one third full aircraft can make economic sense under certain circumstances.  Catering can be upgraded to satisfy the customers’ requirements.