A particularly interesting and timely insight into consumer trends is provided by Barclaycard’s monthly data on consumer spending in the UK reports Chris Tarry, BTN’s resident analytical guru.

The latest data for November shows that overall, this declined 1.9%. Unsurprisingly the worst hit sectors are travel (-70.7%) and hospitality and leisure (-50.2%) where the experience of the airlines (-73.6%) can be read straight across to what their “cash in advance of carriage” balances might look like – not good at all.

Only travel agents as a sector (-79.7%) have performed worse than airlines.  

Conversely and unsurprisingly there has been strong growth in ecommerce sales overall but particularly for grocery where online expenditure was up by some 97% over November 2019. Elsewhere and reflecting a trend since July not only were sales of takeaway meals materially higher (+22% in November) but the average size of the transaction has also increased.