Luton Airport has published passenger figures for October, typical of other regional airports.  It was down by 82% and predicts 95% for November.

As a major holiday airport it did not suffer too badly in September, down only 65% from 1.7m to 586,000 passengers.  In 2019 numbers increased by 9% to 18.2m and 20m for this year was being seen as a possibility. BTN predicts something less than 6.5m passengers for this year including a record first three months.

Whilst replicating comments by other airport directors, Luton CEO Alberto Martin, said:  “The airport remains ready to play its part in protecting public health keeping lifeline services moving throughout this second lockdown,” he said “The airport will remain operational for essential travel.”  

Luton, together with other airports, requires a minimum number of safety staff and terminal operatives to stay open 24hrs.  The costs will be horrendous.  Owned by Luton Borough Council the airport, and its support services, is a major contributor to the town’s prosperity.

In October 297,000 passengers travelled through the airport, down 82% compared to the same period last year.  This was prior to the lockdown.