Five steps to booking success – Introduction

You do not have to be in the travel industry for very long to realise it is a highly competitive place to be.  Travel Uni is dedicated to helping you get ahead of the competition and to stay there.

And when we say ‘competition’ we mean everyone from the person sitting next to you, the company down the street, to the website based across the other side of the world.

To survive in this environment we urge you to think like a business owner, whether you are one or not.

If you are a business owner great: you will probably be on top of what follows and it would be good if you could share your experiences on our Facebook page.

If you are an employee you will nonetheless have a client-base and if you haven’t, start developing one now. These are clients who love what you do and want to tell all their friends about you. These are clients that you need to nurture and grow just like any owner of a business.

Now we would like to offer you, the owner of your own small business, some tips for booking success in 5 steps:

Step 1: Know your market.
Step 2: Know yourself.
Step 3. Know what’s what.
Step 4. Know your goals.
Step 5. Take action.

As you follow these steps please share your journey on our Facebook page.