Learning at Work Week – Guest blog

This week (14th-20th May) is Learning at Work Week. Here Claire Nicholson, Training & Development Officer at Broadway Travel shares her plans for the week.

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Having been in this glorious industry of ours for over 25 years, I have spent an awful lot of time and effort fine tuning my skills and knowledge, which I am now in the very fortunate position of being able to pass on to those I work with at Broadway Travel Group.

I have always maintained that I have been very much responsible for what I know, and I try to instil this attitude in my learners and peers. In my early days, I used to tape (and before you ask, yes on a VHS video recorder!) any travel related show that was ever aired…..Wish you Were Here, Holiday and The Travel Show to name a few, and I have continued to avidly watch anything remotely travel related all these years later. Anything from Airline to the hilariously funny Come Fly with Me. And more recently, Heathrow, Britain’s Busiest Airport and my all time favourite, The Millionaires’ Travel Club. All well worth a watch if you’ve never seen any of them, and each in their own way very educational, and they have certainly helped me in all my years of selling holidays.Now that I work in Learning and Development, I am able to encourage my passion for learning, and the power of training in general and here at Broadway Travel Group, we are lucky enough to have our own Training Team to promote this.

To reinforce this, we are taking part in Learning at Work Week, which is a week dedicated to encouraging and improving workplace learning of all kinds from 14th May 2018.

We have many sessions and activities planned throughout the week, including:

  • Face to Face Training from suppliers.
  • Webinars.
  • Lunch and Learn Sessions and Group Discussions.
  • Encouraging online Training through both Travel Uni and Online Travel Training.
  • Encouraging online Supplier Training.
  • The introduction of our very own Learning Management System where our staff can enrol on a variety of our own bespoke elearning modules.

The variety of delivery methods shows our commitment to ensuring that we appeal to every learning style, whilst taking in to account our staff’s precious time, and also the fact that we have staff based at 3 sites across the UK, as well as at home and in India. With this in mind, a lot of the sessions, particularly the online ones, including those launched on our LMS, The Personalised Learning Zone, will allow our learners to complete the courses at their own pace.

We are confident that Learning at Work Week will be successful in promoting the importance of training, and in particular the area of personal development, and encouraging employees to become more responsible for their own learning.

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